Medical Equipment & Supplies

ADVANCED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LLC distributes and installs the latest medical x-ray equipment, both analog and digital. We offer the highest quality medical x-ray systems on the market . Below you will find some of our featured Health medical x-ray systems. We sell all types of new and refurbished systems call us today for our full inventory of systems.



From small clinics to hospitals, we can get and install the X-Ray system that you are looking for and at a very competitive price. Call us or fill out our contact form and we will help you select the proper system for you facility and budget.

  • X-Ray Systems
  • Acquisition Software
  • CT Technology
  • CR Cassettes
  • Autoclaves & Sterilizers
  • Flat Panel Detectors

Xoran Technologies xCAT

Smarter surgery with Xoran’s head-only, truly mobile CT. … because image quality matters and a full-body CT won’t fit in your OR.

xCAT is an ultra-compact, portable CT scanner that provides real-time CT scans of the brain, ears, and skull base. The lightweight design rolls into position with ease directly behind the patients head so there is no need to transfer rooms.



Autoclave Sterilizers

The Semi-Automatic Autoclave is an affordable sterilizer for private clinics that do not want to compromise on quality, safety and reliability. Tuttnauer semi-automatic autoclaves are an effortless Plug n' Play solution. After installation, the sterilizer is virtually maintenance free with reduced running costs.

  • 7.5 to 85 liter chamber volume
  • An affordable autoclave for clinics
  • Reduced running costs
  • Double locking door safety device
  • 16L stainless steel chamber
  • Heat insulation and quiet operation

X-Ray Accessories

We carry a wide range of medical accessories for both small and large scale businesses. Contact us for what you are looking for to get our price.

  • Aprons
  • Barriors
  • Glasses
  • Markers
  • X-Ray Illuminators
  • Image Accessories