Podiatry Equipment & Supplies

ADVANCED MEDICAL EQUIPMENT LLC offers all types Podiatry equipment. From simple processing accessories to top of the line chairs and X-Ray systems, we can handle, supply, and install any size job. We also offer a large line of refurbished systems. Contact us today to see what systems are right for your chiropractic office.

20/20 Imaging Podiatry X-Ray Equipment

From small clinics to large medical offices, we can get the Podiatry X-Ray system and equipment that you need or want and at a very competitive price. Call us or fill out our contact form and we will help you select the proper system for you facility and budget.

Podiatry Chairs

We offer all the various types of Podiatry Chairs. From X-Ray to Therapy, we have the chair you are looking for. Inquire about what you are looking for and we can get the best podiatry chair to meet your needs and budget.

20/20 Imaging Wireless Momentum DR Panel

  • Wireless Interface
  • Feather-light 3.30 lbs
  • Cesium Scintillator
  • 100 micron | 5 lp/mm
  • Lithium Ion Capacitor (7-yr warranty)
  • Rapid Charge
  • 16-bit Images
  • 10x12” Cassette Sized

20/20 Imaging Tethered 1012V DR Panel

  • Tethered Interface
  • Lightweight 5.5 lbs
  • Cesium Scintillator
  • 125 micron | 4 lp/mm
  • Detachable & Durable Cable
  • 10x12” Cassette Sized
  • 16-bit Images

20/20 Imaging PXS710D X-RAY

  • High Frequency Output
  • Dose Efficient/Ext Tube Life
  • Superb Image Quality
  • Bi-directional Tube Movement
  • Integrated Cable Management
  • Enhanced Patient Support
  • UL Certified 450lbs weight limit
  • Qualifies for ADA Tax Credit
  • UL & CUL Listed
  • Health Canada Approved

20/20 Imaging retrofit any X-RAY

Wireless & Tethered DR Compatible. All options qualify for ADA Tax Credit. Example of older X-cel MB-700 modified with new 3.5”h SD Base and 1012V panel.

20/20 Imaging Acquisition Software

  • EHR Integration Ready
  • Burn/Import CDs
  • Custom Search/Query
  • Customized User Settings
  • Podiatric Tool-set Available
  • Fast, User Friendly Interface
  • Image Fine Tuning
  • Exam Room Viewing

Mobile Viewing with M-OPAL

  • Under 6 second Processing
  • Anatomical Program (APR)
  • Advanced Image Processing
  • Touchscreen Enabled
  • Background Submission
  • Preset X-ray Exams • Adult & Pediatric Settings
  • Fully Customization
  •  Image Enhancement Tools
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Lightweight & Fast
  • Patient List & Viewer
  • Simple Annotations Enabled
  • Tap, Drag, and Pinch
  • Patient Filter & Search

Cloud Backup Included

  •  Live Synchronization
  • Fully Monitored
  • 448-bit Encryption (traffic)
  • Fully Customizable
  • Enterprise Grade
  • Recover Deleted Files

Tuttnauer Autoclaves

Designed to meet the most current ANSI/AAMI ST55 sterilization standards, these autoclaves help practitioners meet today’s challenging workloads and regulatory requirements.